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05/21/2018 - The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can.

The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can.

– The New York Times

Over all, 76 percent of the companies that went public last year were unprofitable on a per-share basis in the year leading up to their initial offerings.

The Boston Restaurant Where Robots Have Replaced The Chefs

– The Washington Post

The restaurant’s founders have replaced human chefs with seven automated cooking pots that simultaneously whip up meals in three minutes or less. A brief description of meal preparation – courtesy of 26-year-old co-founder, Michael Farid – can sound more like laboratory instructions than conventional cooking.

Industry Doesn’t Always Fight Regulations – Here’s Why

– Axios

It’s an easy political talking point to say industry opposes all regulations, but the real story is more complicated. Trump’s deregulatory push has got Washington lobbyists anxious and industries parting ways with usual Republican Party allies. Here’s why companies lobby for and against certain regulations, while changing positions over time.

Company Costs Are Rising, But Getting Shoppers To Pay More Is Hard

– The Wall Street Journal

Businesses are facing higher costs for everything from fuel and freight hauling to steel to accounting services. The challenge is particularly acute in the food industry.