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05/22/2018 - Is Burgerville Union Success A Bellwether For Fast Food?

Is Burgerville Union Success A Bellwether For Fast Food?

– Bloomberg

Three weeks after a landmark vote that created the country’s first union for fast-food workers, a second group of Burgerville employees decided to join an affiliate of the Industrial Workers of the World.

America Doesn’t Have Enough Truckers, And It’s Starting To Cause Prices Of About Everything To Rise

– The Washington Post

The trucking industry shows an extraordinary labor shortage in one corner of the economy can spill out and affect the economy more broadly. Trucking executives say their industry is experiencing a perfect storm: The economic upswing is creating heavy demand for trucks, but it’s hard to find drivers with unemployment so low. Young Americans are ignoring the job openings because they fear self-driving trucks will soon dominate the industry.

Paid Leave Policy Should Consider What’s Already Working


Conservative think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, makes the case that the spending associated with a national paid leave standard would likely go to workers who already receive paid leave and would not be left any better off. Based on that notion, they argue, If policymakers are keen on expanding access to paid leave, a far more prudent approach would be to target low-income workers who are the least likely to already receive the benefit from their employers.

The Future Of Work Through The Lens Of Uber Looks A Lot Like The Past

– The Washington Post

There are many who think the structure of work is rapidly changing. The “gig economy,” they argue, is replacing the old economy; robots and artificial intelligence are displacing workers faster than ever. “The Future of Work” has become an angst-prone staple at conferences across the globe. It’s always possible that this time is different, and, in fact, some notable differences are in play.