About 5 years ago

05/23/2018 - An Immigration Debate Distinct From Economic Realities

An Immigration Debate Distinct From Economic Realities

– The Wall Street Journal

The House of Representatives virtually ground to a halt last Friday because some Republican lawmakers are demanding a vote on a bill that would lower legal-not illegal, but legal-immigration. If you sense a disconnect here, it is because the immigration debate of 2018 seems disconnected from economic realities.

Lawmakers Are Trying To Curb Contracts That Make It Harder To Change Jobs

– The Economist

Non-compete or no-poach agreements are fast becoming the next hot issue that policymakers and regulators are attacking as anti-competitive.

Georgia, Arkansas And Kentucky Primaries: Top Races To Watch

– The New York Times

Will the political trendlines of the past 12 months continue tonight with races in GA, AR and KY? Many think so, possibly setting up competitive races in “red” districts this November.

Democrats’ Next Big Thing: Government-Guaranteed Jobs

– The New York Times

Prominent Democrats – stung by their eroding support from working-class voters but buoyed by the deficit-be-damned approach of ruling Republicans – are embracing a big idea from a bygone era: guaranteed employment.