About 4 years ago

08/27/2019 - Connecticut’s Rest-Stop McDonald’s Are New ‘Fight For $15’ Target

– Bloomberg
The union behind the “Fight For $15” campaign that successfully raised the floor for low-wage work in much of the U.S. has a new target: Highway rest stops, where government ownership and oversight could help establish labor’s long-sought foothold in fast food.
– The Wall Street Journal
Company frowns on ‘disrupting the workday to have a raging debate over politics.’
– The Atlantic
Democratic presidential candidates are virtually required to court the labor vote. But their own staffers haven’t historically been part of a union – until this year.
– The Washington Post
In 2019, officials in nearly 30 states have proposed bills to prohibit companies from using words such as meat, burger, sausage, jerky or hot dog unless the product came from an animal that was born, raised and slaughtered in a traditional way.