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08/28/2019 - Job Training Can Change Lives. See How San Antonio Does It.

– The New York Times
The San Antonio-based Project Quest is earning unparalleled results.
– TIME Magazine
An article published in TIME Magazine in partnership with The Fuller Project evaluates the booming restaurant industry, “where low wages and unstable hours are the norm” as well as the “underclass” of tipped workers.
– The New York Times
Snack foods are a popular starting point for many young founders, said Kara Nielsen, the vice president for trends and marketing at CCD Helmsman in Oakland, Calif. It’s a trend that has had legs, beginning with millennials who, she said, “were always on the go and looking for healthy eating.”
The World Health Organization has determined there is no negative effects from microplastics in drinking water. This is certainly an evolving area of research.