About 5 years ago

07/05/2018 - What Did Corporate America Do With That Tax Break? Buy Record Amounts Of Its Own Stock

– NBC News
The Republican tax reform package that was supposed to raise wages and spur hiring has instead funded a record stock buyback and dividend spree, benefiting investors and company executives over workers. NBC News reports companies have instead used the extra cash to spend billions of dollars buying back their own stock, boosting the value of shares held by investors.
 The New York Times
Saudi Arabia is under pressure to quickly increase its production of oil, but those increases may not be enough to offset declines in three countries grappling with crises: Iran, Libya and Venezuela.
– Associated Press
Like the tea party Republicans who rose against President Barack Obama and the so-called Watergate class elected after President Richard Nixon, this new crop of Democrats is steeped in the politics of revolt.
– The Washington Post
Touting the Trump administration’s economic achievements and celebrating the six-month anniversary of the tax cut, Ivanka Trump boldly pointed to people “coming back off the sidelines” as evidence of success.