About 5 years ago

07/03/2018 - NYC Considers A Minimum Wage For Uber, Ride-Hail Drivers

– CBS News
New York City’s taxi regulatory body is considering setting a wage floor for ride-hail drivers on platforms like Uber, Lyft, Juno and Via that would be equivalent to the city’s upcoming $15/hr minimum wage. If it succeeds, it would be the first such attempt in the country and could have reverberations throughout the so-called sharing economy.
Rather than spend the windfall on schools, prisons or other government services, some Republican governors and lawmakers are proposing to give it away in the form of tax cuts.
– Nation’s Restaurant News
The relationship between CEO compensation and employee pay at publicly-traded restaurant companies varies widely, according to data disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
– The Wall Street Journal
Further evidence of the merging of the traditional economy with the new economy, hotels are beginning to get into the private home-rental market themselves.