About 3 years ago

06/08/2020 - ‘I Don’t Know If That Counts As A Job’: Fewer Hours, Less Pay And More Anxiety Greet Returning Workers

-The Washington Post
As millions of Americans return to work amid the worst economic crisis in a generation, they’re unexpectedly discovering their old positions are far more burdensome than they used to be.
– The Wall Street Journal
Companies can deploy routine testing and tools like pooling samples to detect outbreaks.
– The Washington Post
African American households have struggled more economically than the median household nationwide, even when unemployment was at single-digit historic lows. Now, months into the novel coronavirus pandemic that has rendered 40 million people jobless, African Americans have lost jobs at higher rates in many communities.
– The New York Times
The forced march online has triggered a drastic rethinking across the education-to-employment field and will most likely bring lasting change – and perhaps open the door to significant expansion.