About 3 years ago

06/09/2020 - Workers Press Adidas, Estée Lauder, Others To Act On Racism, Diversity

– The Wall Street Journal
Companies from Adidas to Estée Lauder face pressure from employees to do more to confront racism and promote diversity, as social activism over the killing of George Floyd moves deeper into the workplace.
– The New York Times
Complaints about the fees that the apps charge to both restaurants and consumers are longstanding, but the issue has become heightened as many restaurants have shut down in-room dining. Even as they begin reopening, delivery is likely to remain a bigger part of their business than before the pandemic.
– The Wall Street Journal
While food companies and supermarkets say they have reopened plants and resolved supply constraints that contributed to higher prices, they also expect prices to remain elevated because of increased costs for labor and transportation.
– The Washington Post
What has happened at Tyson – and in the meat industry overall – shows how difficult it is to get the nation back to normal, even in essential fields such as food processing.