About 4 years ago

01/14/2019 - Do Economic Booms Die Of Old Age?

– Bloomberg
Recessions aren’t inevitable, and economists don’t agree on what causes them.
 The Washington Post
The temptation will be to blame their troubles on mismanagement. The real lesson is starker. It is that no business, no matter how historically innovative or powerful, is guaranteed immortality.

America’s Biggest Grocery Chain Says Shoppers Wary About Future

– Bloomberg
America’s biggest supermarket chain is seeing signs that U.S. shoppers are getting nervous about the future.
– The Skift Table
When it comes to eating out, waiting for the bill is one part of the meal that often drags on the dining experience. When customers are ready to pay and leave, the faster that is facilitated, the better. To solve the issue, several restaurant tech players are testing digital payment solutions to eradicate that waiting period.