About 4 years ago

01/11/2019 - Government Shutdown May Not Affect Restaurants As Seriously As Reported

– Restaurant Business
Media assertions that the FDA was suspending its watchdog functions surfaced on the same day the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another federal guardian of food safety, announced that an E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce is over.
 The Washington Post
Young women and minorities are returning to the workforce in greater numbers, drawn back by rising wages.

Even Blue-Chip Companies Fail. Here’s How To Save Their Workers, And Towns, When They Do.

– The Washington Post
The history of American business is defined by corporate failure: a long series of panics, recessions, slumps, bankruptcies and depressions. Yet while corporate leaders generally escape the financial repercussions of their own business mistakes, workers and the communities that depend on a company for their livelihoods do not.
– The New York Times
Facing a tight labor pool, developers, public officials and community organizations are using commercial projects to provide residents with careers in construction. Together, they’re making an effort to recruit men and women from impoverished neighborhoods or challenged populations, such as former prison inmates. In booming markets like San Francisco, Denver and Miami, where gentrification is squeezing affordable housing, demand for these types of programs is growing.