About 4 years ago

01/09/2019 - How Wage Growth Could Continue As The Economy Slows

– Bloomberg
The biggest gains are going to less educated workers because there are fewer of them with each passing year.
 The Washington Post
The new research “reinforces what we’ve known on a gut level for years,” said Julia Taylor Kennedy, senior vice president at the Center for Talent Innovation. “People transfer power to others who make them feel comfortable.”

Why Your Ice Cream Will Ride In A Self-Driving Car Before You Do

– The Wall Street Journal
Moving a few pounds of stuff to people turns out to be much easier than getting large, impatient and litigious human beings to their destinations.
– Skift
HDScores, a seven-year-old restaurant tech startup that is known for powering Yelp’s restaurant hygiene scores, has launched its own subscription-based app displaying extensive health code information for a variety of businesses, including restaurants and coffee shops, across multiple regions of the U.S.