About 4 years ago

01/08/2019 - How Estimates Of The Gig Economy Went Wrong

– The Wall Street Journal
Two leading experts on the “gig economy” now say their estimates of its impact were too high, skewed by spotty data and the recession of a decade ago.
 The New York Times
The NYT Opinion page makes the case that the Big Apple’s new $15/hr wage should not be the end of something, but rather the beginning of a whole new wage standard.

Will ‘Opportunity Zones’ Help The Rich, The Poor Or Both?

– Bloomberg
Critics have raised questions about whether the tax breaks will spur development in places that really need it or just stimulate growth in communities that were destined to see investment anyway.
– The New York Times
What was once an extra is now a necessity, as companies give their employees free ice cream and beer, Pop-Tarts and prime rib – often with an agenda attached.