About 4 years ago

01/07/2019 - The Future Of The Minimum Wage Is Alive In Seattle

– Pacific Standard
From the left-leaning Pacific Standard: “America’s grand wage experiment appears to be paying off. On New Year’s Day, 19 states saw increases to their minimum wages, the majority of which were enacted through legislative efforts and ballot initiatives rather than the standard adjustments for inflation. And while some economists have argued that artificial wage floors will shutter businesses and put low-wage works out on the street, that so far hasn’t been the case.”
 The Washington Post
The Washington Post opinion piece investigates the recent diversification of corporate boards and “how companies use women and minorities as window dressing.”

Slowing The Robot Apocalypse

– Axios
For more than a year, we have seen pessimistic forecasts about the future of jobs: Robots and automation are likelier than not to wipe out a large portion of current U.S. employment by 2030 or so. But there are ways to both cushion the blow of automation and meet the challenge posed by China.
– Bloomberg
In the battle against overhead, Frontier Airlines hopes gratuities will supplement pay. Labor unions are worried.