About 5 years ago

07/26/2018 - The End Of The Democratic Century

– Foreign Affairs
A thought-provoking piece in Foreign Affairs explores the dynamics that are giving rise to authoritarian regimes on the global stage, and in doing so, are undermining the importance of democratic institutions within Western democracies.
In a tough freight environment, supplier companies are attempting a number of solutions to address the growing problem, including partnerships with Uber Freight and Convoy as well as autonomous vehicles.
– Vanity Fair
Red, green and white badges distinguish between employees and different types of subcontractors on Google’s campus. In many cases, the color of your badge determines whether a worker gets certain perks – ranging from health care to access to a beer keg.
– The Wall Street Journal
Anheuser-Busch InBev’s quest to woo increasingly fickle American drinkers is a headache it’s struggling to shake.