About 5 years ago

07/27/2018 - Meal Kit Companies Scramble To Dodge Disaster

– The Wall Street Journal
Meal kits may make cooking easier, but getting a box of pre-portioned ingredients and instructions to a customer’s door is one of the most complicated logistics riddles in the food business.
  The Washington Post
More and more companies are making broad pay adjustments after taking deep dives into worker pay data. They are auditing their payrolls for gaps between men’s and women’s pay, tweaking salaries that aren’t competitive with other companies and making changes to compensation programs to help prevent potential bias.
– The Washington Post
The Great Recession – which lasted years longer than earlier downturns – wreaked havoc with the expectations of middle-class millennials.
– The Wall Street Journal
Robot bartenders are mostly novelties today. But a group of startups is hoping to bring automation to your neighborhood watering hole – and even your home bar.