About 3 years ago

09/10/2019 - For The First Time, Most New Working-Age Hires In The U.S. Are People Of Color

– The Washington Post
The surge of minority women getting jobs has helped push the U.S. workforce across a historic threshold. For the first time, most new hires of prime working age (25 to 54) are people of color, according to a Washington Post analysis of data the Labor Department began collecting in the 1970s.
The data suggest that the economic expansion, now the longest on record at more than 10 years, is still struggling to provide widespread benefits to the U.S. population. Despite solid growth in the number of Americans working full time, year-round, the number of people with private health insurance was flat.
– Bloomberg
The world’s biggest restaurant company is buying startup Apprente a developer of voice-recognition technology for use in the restaurant industry, to help speed up lines.
– MarketWatch
Youth employment rates are expected to decline through the next 10 years, experts say.