About 4 years ago

09/09/2019 - Workers Are Fleeing Big Cities For Smaller Ones – And Taking Their Jobs With Them

– The Wall Street Journal
Workers are fueling a renaissance in American cities that lie outside the major job hubs.
– The New York Times
Food that is nearly unsellable goes on sale at every one of S-market’s 900 stores in Finland, with prices that are already reduced by 30% slashed to 60% off at exactly 9 p.m. It’s part of a two-year campaign to reduce food waste that company executives in this famously bibulous country decided to call “happy hour” in the hopes of drawing in regulars, like any decent bar.
– The New York Times
Amazon directs the destinations, deadlines and routes for its network of contract delivery drivers. But when they crash, the retail giant is shielded from responsibility.
– Fortune
In 2017, the struggling megachain spooked Wall Street and earned mockery in the retail world by committing billions to revamping its stores. Today, more-inviting shopping floors and smoother e-commerce have turned Target into a winner again.