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01/26/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/26/2016

Can Labor Support Both Black Lives Matter And Police Unions?

– Buzzfeed

A look at how members in some of the largest and most prominent labor unions are calling on their leaders to end affiliations with police unions, and what this might mean in terms of further erosion of the traditional union model.


How One Fast-Food Chain Keeps Its Turnover Rates Absurdly Low

– The Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review looks at an emerging quick service restaurant company whose innovative approach to hiring and training has made it an industry leader in reducing turnover.


The Constitutional Convention 2016?: Some liberals and conservatives are teaming up in an effort to rewrite the Constitution

– Slate

A move is underway to utilize an unprecedented mechanism to rewrite the constitution. Slate looks at who’s behind it, what it would mean if it happened and how realistic the chances are for this action to take place.


Why Do The Iowa Caucuses Matter? Because Everyone Thinks They Do


With one of the first big, official litmus tests of the Presidential election season days away,Vox looks at how and why the quirky Iowa caucuses have such a tremendous impact on the race.