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01/25/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/25/2016

Here’s What CEOs Can Do To Earn The Public’s Trust

– The Huffington Post 

A look at how business leaders can help better engender the public’s trust by tackling some of the major problems facing our cites, our country and our planet.


What the WalMart Wage Boost Says About the Labor Market

– Bloomberg News

With WalMart set to raise wages for more than a million of its workers next month, Bloomberg takes a look at how different employers across multiple industries may start to see a tighter market and the pressure on other companies to follow suit in order to attain or attract new employees.


Here’s Why Voters Are So Anxious This Election


NPR explores the factors that are making the mood of America’s electorate anxious, fearful and angry.


Franchise Workers Will Lose Out on Minimum Wage Hikes

– Free Beacon

A recent study by the Employment Policies Institute found that a majority of franchise businesses would cut their workforce, turn to automation, or reduce hours to cope with $15 wages. This study reinforces the narrative that franchise businesses are still family owned, local businesses irrespective of a brand affiliation.