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01/08/2016 - Food For Thought: 1/8/2016

8 Things That Self-Made Billionaires Do Differently

– Medium

A deep dive into the backgrounds of some of the most successful American entrepreneurs to find some commonality about how they all achieved success.


Economists React to the December Jobs Report: ‘Employment Growth Still Looks Strong

– The Wall Street Journal 

Ten prominent economists react to to the December Jobs Report and offer their analysis.


Book Review: In “The rise and fall of American growth,” a 2016 Challenge

– The Wall Street Journal 

In his new book, Northwestern University economist Bob Gordon argues that the century between 1870 and 1970 was exceptionally good for all U.S. households, but that the years since 1970 have been disappointing. He examines potential policies that could increase the pace of U.S. productivity growth while also addressing income inequality – narrowing the widening gap between winners and losers in the economy.