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02/10/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/10/2016

Casualty of Cities’ Resurgence: The Suburban Offices Left Behind

– The Wall Street Journal 

Millennials are fleeing suburbs for downtown lifestyles. Businesses seem to be following in many markets. The Wall Street Journal looks at the various impacts of this trend, from economics, to consumer appetites to land use.


Americans Can’t Help Themselves From Borrowing More on Credit Cards

– Bloomberg News

Credit Card debt is an “addiction most Americans can’t shake.” That’s the thrust of a Bloomberg Business piece that examines the credit habits of Americans and how that relationship with credit affects their spending habits, their relationship with different brands and the overall health of the economy.

The Rise Of The Do-It-All ‘Hybrid’ Job

– Marketplace

Marketplace explores our evolving workplaces, where employees are becoming less and less pigeonholed by narrow skill sets.

Who Do Americans Believe Is Best Suited to Fix the Economy?

– The Atlantic

The election season is exposing deep rifts in how Americans believe political leaders should address the country’s most pressing issues.


Is the Era of Big-Program Liberalism Over?

– The New York Times

In the absence of political ability for passing large-scale new programs, President Obama’s approach of incremental liberalism may be achieving many of the same goals.