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02/11/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/11/2016

Most Americans Say Government Doesn’t Do Enough to Help Middle Class

– PEW Social Trends

At a time when America’s middle class is losing ground, most Americans say the federal government provides too little help to this segment of society. That’s the findings of a new study that also indicates neither Republicans nor Democrats are viewed as supporting the middle class.


The Populist Revolt: From Flint to New Hampshire, An Angry American Public is Determined to Challenge the Status Quo

– The Atlantic 

The Atlantic suggests the biggest story of the 2016 campaign isn’t necessarily one politician, a primary or one event. It’s the rowdy machinations of voters long frustrated by the political establishment and newly cognizant of their powers to disrupt it.


Restaurateurs Want Your Crowdfunding Money, But What Are They Using It For?

– The Washington Post 

For the last several years, crowdfunding has been the cutting edge way to finance non-profits, tech start-ups and creative projects. Now, it seems, the restaurant industry is getting into the act. The Washington Post looks at the trend and what it might mean for the industry.
How Taco Bell Brainwashes America’s Youth into Loving its Tacos

– The Washington Post

The Washington post goes inside Taco Bell’s marketing machine to examine the different ways the company hypes its food to the millennial generation.