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02/15/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/15/2016

One Solution for the Federal Minimum Wage: Five Minimum Wages

– The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal examines a new proposal for the federal minimum wage, one that involves a tier system based on the cost of living in metropolitan areas.
What Voters Want in a President Today, and How Their Views Have Changed

– Pew Research

In honor of President’s Day, the Pew Research Center looks at what qualities voters want in a president (regardless of which candidate they may support ) and examines how those desired attributes have evolved over time in America.


Have Millennials Made Quitting More Common?

– Bloomberg News

More people are leaving their jobs, and Bloomberg looks at the “disloyal” millennials behind the shift and how it may impact the economy and the service sector, in particular.
Americans Weigh in on the State of Economic Opportunity

-The Atlantic

A new study shows there’s a political divide when it comes to how people view who gets ahead in America.