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02/16/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/16/2016

What’s at Stake in an Economy with Low Oil Prices

– Harvard Business Review

In the past, low oil prices have been seen as a boon. But, prices have now dropped so low so quickly that both companies and countries’ economies may be at risk. In response, large producers announced today a freeze on production. The Harvard Business Review looks at what might be at stake.


The Adult Diaper Market Is About to Take Off

– Bloomberg News

Growth in the adult-diaper market is outpacing that of every other paper-based household staple in the U.S. Bloomberg looks at what’s behind this trend and how this dynamic might have surprising impacts on different facets of the economy.

Millennial Wave Unsettles Presidential Race

– Wall Street Journal 

For the first time, millennials will match baby boomers as a share of the electorate. While Bernie Sanders is getting the largest bump from millennials, the changing demographics of the country are reshaping politics across the board.