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02/18/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/17/2016

How restaurants can ride the celebrity wave

– Nations Restaurant News
In the wake of several high-profile mentions of restaurant brands by celebrities, Nation’s Restaurant News examines how some companies are taking advantage of these often unintended moments of pop culture attention as well as the potential pitfalls associated with them.
A Vote for What?
– The Economist 

With the surprising rise of Bernie Sanders on the political Left, The Economist projects how the purported policies of a Sanders White House would impact the economy in real world terms.


Should Older CEOs Be Forced to Retire?

– Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review looks at CEOs and weighs the relative value and performance of youth vs. wisdom.
More People Who Use Airbnb Don’t Want to Go Back to Hotels

– Fortune
The sharing economy is taking more market share from the traditional economy everyday. Its impacts have already been felt in transportation and lodging – and as Forbes reports, food service may be next.