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02/23/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/23/2016

– Crain’s Business News
Crain’s Business News explores the rise of “Ghost Restaurants,” (establishments that look like traditional restaurants from an online perspective, but that operate without an actual brick and mortar store front) and how they are disrupting the growing food delivery business.

Attention GOP: Demography Isn’t Destiny

 – The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal looks at pollster Wes Anderson’s contrarian view of demographic trends and political affiliation, one that rejects the assumption that Democrats own the “coalition of the ascendant” and identifies potential opportunities for expanding and diversifying the Republican party. 
– The Chicago Tribune
The “clean label” movement that gained momentum last year is barreling into 2016, with manufacturers, retailers and restaurants continuing to switch to more natural foods with fewer artificial ingredients. The Chicago Tribune looks at the wide-ranging impacts of the trend.
– Bloomberg News
Energy-producing states are reeling from the collapse of the oil market, and manufacturing-dependent states are struggling as well. Bloomberg looks at reasons why spending by American consumers appears to be the best antidote to keep other states from falling into recession.