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02/24/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/24/2016

– The New York Times
The New York Times details one of the surprising trends of the presidential election season thus far, young Americans voting in big numbers and how their participation (which currently rivals and could actually surpass 2008) has produced unexpected results.
– Politico 
JP Morgan’s CEO and the University of Maryland’s president are teaming up to address their most pressing concern, the idea that: “Too many young people are not on a path to meaningful employment that will enable them to join the middle class.” Politico looks at their plan to address the challenge by expanding participation in technical schools.
– The Wall Street Journal 
As the job market tightens especially for highly-skilled workers, some employers are experimenting with financial incentives to subsidize the potentially higher cost of living near the office as a way to attract and retain talent.
– Los Angeles Times 
Economists continue to debate the merits and consequences of Seattle’s recently enacted $15/hour minimum wage.