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02/04/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/4/2016

Chipotle Faces Long Road To Recovery

– Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News examines the steps Chipotle is taking to repair its brand image after dealing with lingering E. coli outbreaks that sickened 60 people in 14 states, and how some of those strategies should be in other companies’ crisis communications handbooks.


US Layoffs Surge To 6-Month High


A day before the Labor Department releases its jobs data for January, a prominent employment firm released a report stating that layoffs have surged to their highest level since July.


Food Stamps Still Feed One in Seven Americans Despite Recovery

– Bloomberg News

Bloomberg explores what is to blame for SNAP participation rising to record levels, despite economic recovery and a decline in unemployment. With companies employing an increasing number of food stamp recipients, brands could become more vulnerable to “fair share” attacks, which center on the argument that taxpayers are subsidizing a low-wage workforce.


The Unemployment System Isn’t Ready For The Next Recession

– FiveThirtyEight 

Although the labor market is strong right now, a growing number of economists are predicting that a downturn, if not imminent, could come sooner rather than later. States will continue to try to rebuild their trust funds from the recession – and hope that a new one doesn’t hit before they are ready.