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02/08/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/5/2016

On-call scheduling debate: Where retailers stand

CNBC takes an in-depth look at the policy debate around on-call scheduling; the practice where companies might wait until the last minute to tell workers they’re needed (For example: extra help needed because of a snowstorm or a holiday rush). The piece looks at the six large companies that pledged to end on-call scheduling last year and how that decision has impacted their business model — while also examining the strategy from advocacy groups that are pushing to see on-call scheduling abolished everywhere.


Family Leave Hits the Campaign Trail

– Wall Street Journal

Paid leave, a hot button issue for hourly employers for years, is getting more and more attention on the presidential campaign trail. And, skirmishes over paid leave have revealed wide gaps between the parties as the candidates jockey to appeal to middle class voters.


The Great GOP Realignment

– Bloomberg 

Why Ted Cruz and Donald Trump may herald an historic working-class Republican revolt against the party establishment, and what that shift means for politics, the economy and the broader way people interact with one another.


Do Americans Believe Hard Work Still Matters?

– The Atlantic

An examination of a new poll that shows the idea of the American dream (and what it takes to achieve it) looks very different than it did in the late 20th century.