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02/08/2016 - Food For Thought: 2/8/2016

States Not Waiting To Close Gender Wage Gap


With the issue going nowhere in Congress, states are making moves to address the gender wage gap. A look at the burgeoning patchwork of state laws and what this dynamic might mean for different employers.


Killing the Working Class at Walmart

– The Wall Street Journal 

A Wall Street Journal opinion piece that draws parallels between the fight to increase the minimum wage and Walmart’s recent round of store closings.


What Is ‘Success’?

– The Atlantic

A new study finds that Americans still believe success is tied to job stability and the ability to buy a home. They’re just less confident about the ability to achieve those goals. The Atlantic looks at how that thinking might impact consumer confidence at the economy as a whole.


Millennials Have a Higher Opinion of Socialism Than of Capitalism

– Washington Post

According to a new Gallup poll, Millennials have a more favorable opinion of socialism than they do of capitalism. The Washington Post suggests this may be because they are too young to have actually seen real socialism in action.


Inside the Fast Food Worker’s Protest at the New Hampshire Republican Debate

– Vice

A look at how fast food workers and labor advocates are leveraging the presidential campaign to draw attention to their quest for a $15 an hour minimum wage.