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03/15/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/15/2016

In the Future of Retail, We’re Never Not Shopping

– The Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review examines the paradigm shift in the way people are shopping and what it means for companies of all industries trying to secure a purchase from a consumer.
End the Opportunity Monopoly

– The Atlantic 

The Atlantic lays out a new theory for the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, that they have tapped into a vein of “anti-bigness:” the sense among tens of millions of citizens that they’re too small to matter.
Meet the Man Who Persuaded Whole Foods to Start Selling Uglier Fruits and Vegetables

– Vox

Vox looks at a trend among grocery stores and restaurants that have made a commitment to sell “ugly food” (fruits and vegetables deemed too aesthetically unappealing to grace shelves or dinner plates but are otherwise just as tasty as their prettier counterparts) rather than throw those items away.
Federal GMO Labeling Bill Would Trump State Laws

– Governing 

Governing Magazine weighs the chances (and remaining obstacles) for the passage of a national GMO labeling law.