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03/16/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/16/2016

Restaurant Chains Face Wage Pressures Amid Declining Unemployment

– The Wall Street Journal 

With the unemployment rate below 5% for the first time since 2008, and more than a dozen states raising their minimum wage, restaurants are among the industries on the front lines of a tightening labor market.



Companies Step Up Efforts to Reveal More Details on Food You Eat

– The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal looks at a growing movement by some companies to give consumers super-specific information about where the food they’re eating comes from. Think: the names and photos of the boat captains that catch the fish customers might be eating.

IHOP Is Millennials’ Spirit Animal

– Fortune

Fortune offers a case study in what the breakfast food chain IHOP has done to successfully court millennials and, in turn, leverage the energy and enthusiasm from that youthful customer base to revive its brand.

US Millennials Feel More Working Class Than Any Other Generation

– The Guardian 

More millennials self-identify as working class rather than middle class. According to this article, that dynamic is giving rise to outsider candidates, like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.