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03/17/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/17/2016

Jobs for the Young in Poor Neighborhoods

– The New York Times

The New York Times looks at an increasingly problematic trend, the high rate of joblessness for minority teenagers, and what some cities are doing to connect young people with employment.


Retailers Eye Outback for Digital Inspiration

– Chain Store Age

Chain Store Age poses the thesis that some of the best ideas regarding customer service in the digital age are coming out of the food service world; and uses recent examples by Bloomin’ Brands to illustrate its case.


Amazon Eyes Pay-By-Selfie Tech


Retail industry publication PYMNTS examines new patent applications from Amazon that could usher in the ability for customers to pay by using their faces.
Why America Needs to Put Women Over 50 to Work

– Christian Science Monitor

When it comes to finding employment, women over 50 face longer odds than any other group. The Christian Science Monitor explores new avenues that more flexible (and sometimes hourly) employment is providing for this demographic.