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03/18/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/18/2016

A Union Card Shouldn’t Be an Heirloom

– The Wall Street Journal

Millions of workers have inherited unions from their grandparents’ generation. The Wall Street Journal opinion page looks at this dynamic and poses the question; do workers have a real voice in a union if their membership is inherited rather than elected?


Restaurants, Lobbying, and the Politics of Persuasion

– Eater

Restaurant industry website Eater examines the interconnected relationship between politics and the food industry.
Coming to a Hotel Near You: The Robot Humanoid Receptionist

– The Economic Times

The Economic Times reports that robots are making an entry into the hospitality industry that has, at least up until now, always prided itself on delivering a warm and personable touch.
Generation K: Why Today’s Teens Are More Careful With Their Money

– Newsweek

Newsweek looks at newly published research showing that American teens are far more financially prudent than we might think.