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03/24/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/24/2016

Will the Restaurant Industry Survive Stricter Immigration Screenings?


CNBC looks at the restaurant industry’s reliance on immigrants in its labor force and how the cloudy political climate surrounding immigration reform could create a slew of challenges for hourly employers.


Doing Less With More

– The Economist

Countries grow richer when they learn how to produce more valuable “stuff” per person. As The Economist reports, many advanced economies seem to have lost the ability to do this.


Could Harvesting Fog Help Solve the World’s Water Crisis?

– The New Yorker

With drought worsening in many coastal regions around the world, including California, the necessity of alternative water sources is becoming a major concern for both governments and businesses. The New Yorker explores the merits of one potential solution, harvesting fog.


Starbucks, Target, Westfield Corp. and Others Team up to Boost Voter Turnout

– Chain Store Age

Chain Store Age explores how businesses are teaming up to implement “civic engagement plans” that would promote voter registration and awareness among their employees to keep people engaged and voting.