About 7 years ago

03/25/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/25/2016

Members of Congress Will Also be Stung by New Overtime Regs

– The Hill

In an ironic development, many of the members of Congress who supported new overtime regulations are now having to contend with the impacts of that legislation within their own offices.


The Rise of Loyalty in Limited Service

– Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News explores how a growing number of restaurant chains are launching or changing their loyalty programs to both evolve with technology and attempt to stand out from the crowd.


America to Establishment: Who The Hell Are You People?

– McClatchy

McClatchy gives an in-depth exploration of why American voters seem to want to “burn it all down.”


Contested Conventions, Explained: Why the GOP’s Best Hope to Stop Trump is so Risky and Dangerous

– Vox

Vox offers a primer on a contested political convention and outlines the potential dangers to the Republican Party, and politics in general, if such an event occurs this election season.