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03/30/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/28/2016

Is California’s move to a $15 minimum wage a good idea?

– LA Times

California is poised to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. The Los Angeles Times’ Michael Hiltzik lays out the case that this new policy, if it becomes law, will serve as America’s “Great experiment in practical economics.”


How are social media changing democracy?

– Economist 

The Economist looks at how politics in the age of social media is creating fundamental changes to our democracy.


Restaurant Growth Accelerated In 2015, Led By Higher-End Fast Food

– Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune examines how the continued boom in so-called “higher-end quick-service” restaurants is changing the restaurant industry.


The U.S. Population Is Swelling in Almost Every State

– Bloomberg

America’s population is rapidly increasing. Bloomberg looks at some of the reasons behind the surge.