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03/30/2016 - Food For Thought: 3/29/2016

Georgia’s Governor Sets a Wise Example for Tolerance

– NY Times

The business community won a rare battle in the long-running Civil War within the Republican party against the social activist wing when Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a “religious freedom” bill as a result of tremendous pressure by corporate leaders.


As beef prices tumble, Americans eating more of it

– Charlotte Observer

After decades of diners shunning steaks and burgers for healthier protein options such as chicken and turkey, beef is making a big comeback. The Charlotte Observer looks at the reasons why.


How Domino’s became a tech company

– Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News explores the strategy Domino’s has used to become one of the most technology adept brands in the hospitality economy.


Why Labor Won $15 In California, And Why Their Plan Is Going National

– International Business Times

Using the ballot initiative process to force an outcome was a tactic pioneered in Washington State by SEIU chief David Regan. He just used that same formula to achieve a big victory in California. The International Business Times says that hourly employers shouldn’t be surprised to see Regan’s strategies, including more $15 ballot initiatives, pop up across the country in the future.