About 7 years ago

04/15/2016 - Food For Thought: What Follows the Fight for $15?

What Follows the Fight for $15?
– The Atlantic

The Atlantic looks at the next big goal for Seattle’s labor activist community; on-call scheduling.


Good News: Automation Already Destroyed Most of the Jobs

– Vox

Vox takes a deep dive into the national conversation around the future of automation for so-called “routine” jobs and comes to a surprising conclusion; the mass wave of automation that experts are predicting may have already happened.


The On-Demand Economy Is Growing, and Not Just for the Young and Wealthy

– The Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review looks at new research showing that the “on demand economy” (Activities centered around online platforms, where independent sellers can offer goods or services to customers; basically everything from Etsy to Uber) is attracting even more consumer attention and spending than economists predicted.


Lobbyists and Corporations, Arm-in-Arm

– Bloomberg
Bloomberg explores new data that shows a shift in the spending habits of corporate America on lobbying efforts, with the biggest surge in spending coming from the retail and real estate industries and Internet-related entities.