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04/18/2016 - Food For Thought: Airbnb is Forming an Alliance With One of the Nations Biggest Labor Unions

Airbnb is Forming an Alliance With One of the Nations Biggest Labor Unions – The Washington Post

The Washington Post examines what looks like a new model for organizing workers in the “sharing economy” being pioneered by the SEIU. The new partnership between AirBnB and the SEIU may fundamentally change not only labor organizing in the new/technology economy, but also union organizing within the hotel industry.

The Research Increasingly Shows Taxing Alcohol More Could Save Thousands of Lives – Vox

Alcohol is involved in more deaths than all illicit drugs combined in the U.S., at a death toll of 88,000 each year. With that statistic as a backdrop, Vox examines a new study showing that a higher alcohol tax would reduce alcohol consumption. And, that reduced consumption, in turn, likely would eliminate some of the bad outcomes, such as accidents, crime, and poisoning.

Optimists Are Better at Finding New Jobs – Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review looks at scientific research that shows optimism, rather than unhappiness with their current position, more successfully empowers people to find new jobs or seek out advancement and promotion

Toward a 21st-Century Labor Movement – The American Prospect

SEIU chief David Rolf, the architect of the Fight for $15 campaign, pens a forward-looking treatise in Prospect on how to rebuild the labor movement. Rolf proposes a variety of ways to cultivate “worker power” beyond contract trade unionism. Many of his proposals involve relationships between unions and friendly municipal governments.