About 7 years ago

04/19/2016 - Food For Thought: Verizon Turns to Shadow Workforce Amid Strike

Verizon Turns to Shadow Workforce Amid Strike – The Wall Street Journal

In the wake of strikes by hourly workers, The Wall Street Journal looks at a move by Verizon to redeploy its management staff across the country to backfill posts that have been abandoned by striking workers.


Insurers Warn Losses From ObamaCare Are Unsustainable – The Hill

The Hill looks at a warning from insurers that healthcare exchanges could slip into a “death spiral” if rates aren’t hiked significantly. If that happens, it could negatively impact Democrats at the 2016 ballot box.


Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away – NPR

In an age where everyone has a computer in their pocket, the idea of taking notes by hand may seem old-fashioned. NPR looks at research that shows that the slower, more thoughtful process of hand-writing notes may be better for the performance of both students and business professionals.


Americans Conflicted About Sharing Personal Information with Companies – Pew Research Center

New findings are from the Pew Research Center shows a sizable number of U.S. adults said they were confused over information provided in company privacy policies, discouraged by the amount of effort needed to understand the implications of sharing their data, and impatient because they wanted to learn more about the information-sharing process but felt they needed to make a decision right away.