About 7 years ago

04/05/2016 - Food For Thought: 4/4/2016

– New York Times
The New York Times opinion page looks at how and why the momentum for a dramatically increased minimum wage has shifted.
– Barrons
Barron’s looks at all of the presidential candidates plans on taxes, spending, trade, and other business-related issues and concludes that Ohio’s governor would be the best “business bet” for president.
– The Atlantic
With caffeinated products making up more and more of the profit centers of restaurant companies, the Atlantic dedicates a special multimedia edition to the growing power of “everyone’s favorite legal drug.”
– Poynter
The restaurant industry is under increased public scrutiny about where it sources many of its products. With this dynamic as a backdrop, the Poynter Institute explores how a recent Associated Press story delving into America’s seafood supply chain came to be; and how this type of industry-focused investigative journalism is expanding.