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04/06/2016 - Food For Thought: 4/5/2016

Obama’s Latest Food Crackdown: Salt

– Politico

In response to a Center for Science in the Public Interest petition, the Obama Administration has agreed to set voluntary sodium guideline levels by June 1st. The federal government’s efforts to establish specific sodium recommendations set the precedent that federal agencies should play a role in curbing the sodium levels in food. At question is the science used to determine recommended sodium levels as well as the appropriate role of government regulators.


What is This Thing Called Populism?

– New York Times

The co-authors have a back and forth discussion about what constitutes “populism” and the role it is playing in the rise of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.


Cracking Washington’s Black Box

– The Wall Street Journal

“Government bean counters” at federal agencies tightly guard the formulas used to quantify the fiscal impact of proposed policies. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) will soon unveil its Open Source Policy Center in an effort to crack those codes. The think tank’s goal is to produce open-source economic modeling to give outside academics, experts and average Americans the tools to test, check and improve the hidden calculations that government uses to design policy. AEI’s efforts, particularly if other interest groups follow their path, could dramatically impact the policymaking process.