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04/06/2016 - Food For Thought: 4/6/2016

Minimum Wage: Employment Down, Productivity Up

– The Economist

The Economist takes a look at how minimum wage increases may have a silver lining and lead to an increase in productivity, which potentially could offset some of the cost to employers.

The Sharing Economy Doesn’t Share the Wealth

– Bloomberg News

U.S. tech companies like Uber and Airbnb process their payments outside the U.S. Bloomberg News asks the question: if these providers replace traditional brick and mortar stores and employ tax strategies to avoid/minimize payments to the U.S. Treasury then how will the federal government recoup that tax revenue?


How a Shareholder Coup at Olive Garden’s Owner Sparked a Turnaround

– The Wall Street Journal

Activism is turning into a powerful force in American corporations, with shareholders agitating for change. The Starboard takeover of Darden was the largest of its kind. As the Wall Street Journal reports, with Darden stock 47% higher today than when the new board took control, other investors may follow the Starboard game plan to discover increased value.


Mobile Phones Promise to Bring Banking to the World’s Poorest

– The Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business review looks at how the increasing ubiquity of mobile phones is bringing banking (and the ability to spend money on goods and services) to new audiences in America and other parts of the world.