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04/07/2016 - Food For Thought: 4/7/2016

A Better Way to Get to $15

– The New York Times 

California and New York are headed for a minimum wage of $15 an hour, but they are taking different paths to get there. The New York Times editorial page examines why it believes New York’s approach is a better model.


Liberal Attacks on Restaurant Giants Punish Minority-Owned Franchises

– Investor’s Business Daily 

Investor’s Business Daily argues that labor-backed policies and regulations are actually harming minorities to an irregular extent, because franchising has created business ownership ability for thousands of minorities and the undeserved.


Primary Math Gets Harder for Trump With Wisconsin Loss

– Wall Street Journal 

While the smart money is still on Donald Trump, his loss in Wisconsin Tuesday ensures the race for the Republican presidential nomination stretches at least to the California primary on June 7th. Party rules make it increasingly difficult for any one candidate to collect the lion’s share of the delegates in many of the remaining states, posing an additional hurdle to Mr. Trump.


Win or Lose, Sandersism Isn’t Going Away

– Bloomberg News 

Bloomberg News looks at the long term impacts that the Bernie Sanders campaign (and its followers) may have on the culture, politics and the economy.