About 7 years ago

05/19/2016 - Food for Thought: What Factory And Fast-Food Workers Have In Common

What Factory And Fast-Food Workers Have In Common – CBS News

Labor-friendly academic organizations are turning their attention toward the manufacturing sector. New studies indicate that manufacturing jobs, which are generally perceived as offering higher pay and benefits, actually closely mirror the service sector in terms of compensation.


Fast Food Workers are Becoming Obsolete – Business Insider

Business Insider proclaims: the age of the restaurant self-service kiosks has dawned, and it’s the end of fast food as we know it.


Why Restaurants Are Ditching The Switch To No Tipping – NPR

In recent years, there’s been a no-tipping movement within the restaurant industry. NPR looks at why that experiment has failed at some restaurants.


What Does the First Amendment Look Like in the Digital Age? Knight and Columbia are Spending $60 Million to Find Out – The Poynter Institute

The Poynter Institute looks at a new initiative dedicated to thinking through the thorny questions of First Amendment law in the digital age.