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05/23/2016 - Food for Thought: The FDA’s New Rules for Nutrition Labels

The FDA’s New Rules for Nutrition Labels – The Atlantic 

The FDA is out with its new requirements for food labels. The Atlantic looks at what these rules likely mean for different industries and predicts food makers will now have to use smaller serving sizes and highlight a product’s added sugars.
The way Americans drink is changing dramatically as more and more Americans are opting to forego their local watering hole in favor of “at home drinking.” The Washington Post looks at what this trend might mean for everyone from the bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, to the retailers who stock liquor on their shelves.


9 Things We Learned About How Few Americans Are Regularly Taking Part In The Sharing Economy – Consumerist 

The “sharing economy revolution” may not be overtaking the world as quickly as previously thought. Though it might feel like you can’t turn a corner without seeing an Uber or an AirBnB advertisement, Pew Research Center’s first-ever survey of how American adults interact with the new digital economy shows there’s a big difference between how many people have ever tried one of these services and the people who use them on a regular basis.


How Big Pharma Uses Charity Programs to Cover for Drug Price Hikes – Bloomberg

Bloomberg examines the billion-dollar system in which charitable giving is, in effect, a very profitable form of investing for drug companies-one that may also be tax-deductible