About 7 years ago

05/24/2016 - Food for Thought: Geographic Inequality Is Swallowing the Recovery

Geographic Inequality Is Swallowing the Recovery – Citylab 

There is much talk about national income inequality, but new research suggests America continues to suffer from deepening geographic inequality as well. The Atlantic’s City Lab project looks at data released this week that shows business formation and job growth is concentrated in less than two dozen counties across the nation.


The Demographics of Device Ownership – Pew Research Center

From getting news to playing games to reading a book, Americans now have a multitude of devices to choose from in order to meet their technology-based needs. For each type of device, the demographic makeup of owners can vary widely. Pew looks at how these demographics of technology access might impact social, political, economic and cultural trends.


Internet Access Isn’t Just A Tech Issue. It’s A Civil Rights Issue. – Huffington Post

In major metropolitan areas across the U.S., unequal access to the Internet is cutting some people off from a better future. Citizens on the wrong side of the so-called “digital gap” are losing out on economic, educational and social opportunities.


Fighting Phony ‘Populism – The Washington Post

The Washington Post opinion page opines that the general media has done a poor job discerning between popularity and populism, and that the latter deserves more careful analysis than the headline-grabbing missives that we’ve seen during this campaign season.