About 6 years ago

10/13/2016 - Food For Thought: CEO Feats Don’t Inspire New Hires

– The Academy of Management Journal 
New employees often hear about the journey of their company’s leader from cashier to chief executive. But, such inspirational tales aren’t particularly effective. Instead, what really stirs employees to be stellar team players are inspirational tales about the achievements of co-workers.


– Bloomberg 
Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo — either individually or together — have backed a total of 96 national health organizations and lobbied against 29 health bills intended to reduce consumption of their products and fight obesity.


– The Atlantic 
There is a lively and ongoing debate happening across various corners of the internet and the hallways of academia: In the coming decades, will advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) render human labor unnecessary?


– Bloomberg
The gig economy is built on people offering their services on demand. Now more of them will have the option of getting paid just as quickly.